Home of the Sasquatch

Seeing Is Believing

Or is it hearing? Thanks to Jeff Wade of Fox Sports, Saskatchewan, Canada is now famous for Sasquatches.

Although to date, there has not been many Sasquatch sightings in Saskatchewan, no one can prove that this mythical creature did not originate from the province that shares a similar name.

What do you do if you see a Sasquatch?

Tell it to go home to Saskatchewan.

How big is a Sasquatch?

Average reported height is about 6 ft 9. Which is about an average NBA player.

Does that make Trey Lyle a Sasquatch?


What is a Sasquatch?

A mythical ape-like creature who lives in the woods. Wikipedia – Sasquatch

6ft 9
Average Height
Average Weight
Palm Width
Top Running Speed

[Trey Lyles is the first ever NBA player from Saskatchewan.] ... Wow, that's an impressive NBA fact right there. Of course, that region is known for being home to a lot of Sasquatches.

Jeff WadeFox Sports


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